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The Hand That Scorched the Cradle

Two women, one baby, and pools of blood make for one blistering tale of motherhood and insanity.

9 Thrilling Movies to Stream This October

From psychosexual thrills to blood-soaked rebellions, here are the chilling must-see movies heading to your favorite streaming platforms this October.

7 Must-See Fall TV Shows That Channel the Chills

It's the most wonderful time of the year for the latest grisly thrillers, crooked crime dramas, and dystopian nightmares of the small screen.

6 True-Crime Books About Killer Doctors

From Nazi nut-sos to commonplace quacks, these monsters of malpractice have but one diagnosis in mind: death.

Angels of Death: Cathy Wood and Gwen Graham

The two nurses at Alpine Manor senior living facility fell hard for each other ... and then started killing off their patients one by one.

Watch List: Black Mass

Johnny Depp gives a seething performance as James “Whitey” Bulger in this gritty new crime drama.

Jack the Rippers From Around the World

We see London, we see France, we see a Russian granny chopping up bodies with her bare hands.

The Most Horrifying Science Experiment Ever

Crime novelist Peter Dickinson explores the dark side of science in this chilling tale set in a Caribbean paradise.

13 Killer Movies from the Toronto International Film Festival 2015

This year’s film fest is a breeding ground for demons, gangsters, and bloodthirsty killers in very creepy masks.

Sol Wachtler: From Chief Justice to Stalker to Convict

Glimpse a top New York justice’s sociopathic alter ego and the sordid affair he kept private in Linda Wolfe’s Double Life.

Watch List: Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime

It’s murder and intrigue with a spot of tea.

7 Scary Movies to Stream This September

Looking for an instant scare? From dystopian canine thrillers to the return of Michael Myers, we have your scary movies to stream right here.

9 Most Haunted Movie Theaters in America

Horror flicks aren't the only thing that will give you the chills in these haunted movie houses.

Hollywood’s Nicest Psycho: An Interview with James Landry Hébert

The friendliest killer in Tinseltown joins us for a conversation about his new Texas-fried thriller, Two Step.

7 VERY Creepy Tales of Cursed Movie Sets

Eerie forces stole the show on the sets of these cursed movies.

Zombies! Run! Or Don’t. You’ll Live.

What would really happen in the event of a zombie apocalypse? The answer's a lot different than you might think.

Don’t Go Near the Water!

From maritime man-eaters to ghostly shipwrecks, the real-life cases behind these aquatic horror movies will make you think twice before hitting the beach.

The Gallows: From YouTube Clip to Big Screen Scare

This summer's new nightmare of the silver screen started out as a creepy little clip on YouTube.

Get Messy This Fourth of July with Movies That Go Boom

Who needs another Fourth of July fireworks display when you can screen these explosive scenes of bursting heads from your favorite gory films?

12 Bloody Road Trip Horror Movies

Join us on a highway to hell in these bloody road trip horror movies.

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