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The Lineup Presents: The Scariest TV Shows of 2015

Dim the lights, grab the remote, and tune in to the scariest TV shows of 2015.

The Lineup Presents: The 10 Scariest Movies of 2015

From killer kids to cave-dwelling cannibals, join us as we count down the freakiest flicks of 2015.

Beware the Ghosts of The Grove

On a quiet street in Texas sits the most haunted home in the Lone Star State.

Making a Murderer: Netflix’s Addictive New True Crime Series

Steven Avery is the convicted killer behind a grisly junkyard slaying and the focus of Netflix’s newest true crime series.

Kray Twins: The Killer Truth Behind the Criminal Legends

The real-life tale behind these infamous twin criminals comes spattered in blood.

Mile-High Horror: The Haunted Halls of the Stanley Hotel

The scariest hotel in the U.S. just got scarier.

9 Lost and Forgotten Graveyards from Around the World

From playgrounds to public parks, pedestrians stroll over these old burial grounds daily ... unaware of what lies beneath.

9 Freaky Movies to Stream This November

Gather the family for a cinematic cornucopia stuffed with conspiracy theories, crooked cops, and creepy crawlies.

Killing by Example: When Trusted People Turn Bad

The following nurturers and protectors were supposed to look out and care for the people in their communities. Instead, they turned to murder.

8 Haunted Libraries That Will Make You Whisper-Scream

If you're headed to one of these libraries for some peace and quiet, think again.

9 Scary Movies to Stream This Halloween

Trick or treat, these flicks aren’t sweet, watch them now or you’ll be dead meat.

9 Ghost Tropes to Die For

Spend Halloween dissecting these types of ghosts frequently spotted in spooky stories.

Best Horror Movies by Decade

Claw your way through the three freakiest horror movies of each decade.

Watch List: Crimson Peak

Guillermo del Toro's new nightmare replaces the tired tropes of Gothic romance with ghosts, violence, and kink.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Famous Horror Author, Shares Her Tricks … and a Ghost Story

Get to know Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, the female author dominating a genre traditionally ruled by men.

The Darkest Hour of NYC’s 1977 Blackout

On the night of New York City's infamous blackout, rioting and looting ensued ... and heads starting to roll. Literally.

9 Freaky New Horror Movies

These recent flicks of maternal monsters, psycho stalkers, and femme fatales from another planet are turning the horror genre on its head.

7 Most Extreme Haunted Houses Across the U.S.

Enter at your own risk: These demented dens of horror are home to some of your worst nightmares.

The Truth Behind the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Take a midnight ride through the historic village of Sleepy Hollow, where Washington Irving's eerie legend lives on.

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