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Twin Sisters Recall Growing Up in the ‘Children of God’ Cult

They were told they would perish at age 12 as “God’s martyrs.” But Flor and Tamar Edwards are still alive to tell about their creepy childhood.

Adnan Syed Granted New Hearing Based on “Asia McClain Problem”

Serial's Adnan Syed is one step closer to a new day in court after receiving this major break in his case for a retrial.

95-Year-Old WW II Veteran Fights off Would-Be Robber with Cane – and Wins!

When a mugger tried to snatch his wallet – and photos of his grandchildren – Arthur Kamberis took matters into his own hands.

8 Infamous Celebrity Moments Caught on Camera

From Rob Lowe's sex tape to Solange's beef with Jay Z, check out these celebs who didn't want to be caught on camera.

Conned: Four People Who Fell for Internet Scams

Most people know not everything on the Internet is true – these people learned it the hard way.

Disappeared in Georgia: 5 Unanswered Questions About the Death of Kelly Nash

What happened to this hardworking college student, who had so many loving friends and family?

Cut It out, Already! 5 Shocking Scissor Crimes

It's hard to keep your eyes open while reading these shocking scissor crimes.

5 Urban Legends That Came to Life

From Disney World ghosts to deadly Internet memes, you'll want to sleep with one eye open after reading about these urban legends turned real.

7 Law & Order: SVU Episodes Inspired by Real-Life Crimes

NBC's hit drama may be a work of fiction, but the storylines of these 7 episodes are ripped straight from the headlines.

9 Criminally Dumb Crook Fails Caught on CCTV

These clumsy culprits are far from evil geniuses – and we have the footage to prove it.

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