Day 4: Horror Books Too Terrifying to Handle

    Keep the scares coming all winter long with these horror books.

    On the fourth day of our 12 Days of Deals, we're serving up a killer assortment of horror books. From unholy forces to twisted tales of dread, these creepy reads will keep the scares coming all winter long. 

    REMEMBER: These deals end on December 6 at midnight! Check back on our 12 Days of Deals homepage from now until December 14 for a new day of sinister deals!

    Buy Darklings at Amazon


    The emergency room is no stranger to death, but not like this. Normally, a death serves as a final ending. Now, as a parasite straight out of hell slithers from the body of a serial killer, death has only begun its terrifying, grisly rampage through the small hospital and town.

    Deal price: $2.99

    Buy A Child Across the Sky at Amazon

    A Child Across the Sky

    An inheritance from a suicidal friend leads a film director into an unimaginable reality in this novel filled with “wickedly imaginative twists and turns” (Publishers Weekly).

    Deal price: $2.99

    Buy Day Dark, Night Bright at Amazon

    Day Dark, Night Bright

    Stories of suspense, surprise, wit, and weirdness from Grand Master of Science Fiction and Fantasy—as well as a must-read horror author—Fritz Leiber.

    Deal price: $1.99

    Buy Smoke Ghost at Amazon

    Smoke Ghost

    Feast your eyes on a treasure trove of supernatural horror stories by multiple award-winning master of the fantastic Fritz Leiber. 

    Deal price: $1.99

    Buy Incubus at Amazon


    It begins with the theft of six candles from the church altar, a few herbs found strewn in the local graveyard. In the summer of 1974, the prosperous farming community of Dry Falls, Maine is hit by a brutal heat wave. Crops fail. Drought blights once-verdant lawns. Men inexplicably lose all interest in sex, while women complain of erotic nocturnal visitations. Farm animals give birth to monstrosities. An unholy, unimaginable force is disrupting the natural order—and it seems to be targeting Dry Falls.

    Deal price: $3.99

    Buy The Lost Cavern at Amazon

    The Lost Cavern

    Drawing on his unique background as an intellectual and expert in the supernatural, author H. F. Heard echoes the pioneering horror of H. P. Lovecraft and the Victorian science fiction of H. G. Wells. In this weird world, the greatest threat to man is man himself.

    Deal price: $2.99

    Buy The Resurrection Man's Legacy at Amazon

    The Resurrection Man's Legacy

    A breathtaking collection of wonders and horrors—including robotic surrogate parents and zombie voters—from a new acknowledged master of darkest fantasy.

    Deal price: $2.99

    The Resurrection Man's Legacy

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